I discussed a bit about the Wide-Angle lens in the earlier version of the smartphone camera and will discuss the advantages of having an Ultra Wide Lens on the mobile. Smartphone manufacturers are now giving ultra-wide cameras to many smartphones. Samsung Galaxy S7 Ultra Wide Lens can be seen in a low-budget device with a recently launched device.

When the angle of view of the lens is more than 75 degrees, the lens is called wide-angle lens. And all the lenses above the normal 90 degrees are called Ultra Wide. Smartphone’s primary sensor always has wide-angle lenses. So the wider lenses of smartphones are called normal/regular and people like Ultra wide lenses are called Ultrawide.

Let’s give such an example –

You are located 40 feet away from a house, and your friend is 20 feet away. Your phone is Samsung S Seven with a lens of 26mm wide and your friend’s phone is a Samsung 7. His phone’s Ultra Wide Lens is 13mm Wide. The focal length of the lens is generally meant to be 26 mm / 13 mm with these numbers. The angle of view is more if the focal length is less, angle of view less when the focal length is higher.

With a Ultra-wide lens that will take pictures from 20 feet away from your friend’s house, you have to go 40 feet away to get that same picture. If the two are in the same place, then your picture will be different from their picture. There are many objects in the picture that you will not be able to stand in the same place. This means that the picture taken with Ultra Wide Lens can cover more areas around the area than the normal wide lens. Wide and Ultra-Wide Lenses Differences

The advantages of using ultra wide-angle lens are as follows:
1. We now all make the cellphones, and if you have a Ultra wide angle lens on your phone, then using the back camera can easily make the group selfie. Because a wide angle view will be created due to Ultra wide angle lens. And friends can all be in the same selfie.

2. To take a group photo, we have to go back with our mobile, because the angle off view will be as big as you go back. And if there is a Ultra wide angle lens then do not go ahead in the same way. You can take group photos very closely.

3. It is possible to take pictures of a bigger subject (building, river, hill) from near.

4. The Ultra Wide Lens looks far away from a lot of things, so the feeling of a distance between the pictures is reflected. Many of the surrounding objects come in the picture.

5. If you want to make a picture / fancy face, then it can be done very well if you take a picture of it very close, because very close to the film comes many distortion.

6. If the picture is asked for a higher degree of linear distortion, then the Ultra Wide Lens will be an ideal lens.

7. The depth of the Ultra Wide Angle Lens is much higher, because the sharpness of the photo taken with this lens is much better and the whole picture is in focus. Although Sharpen’s words on mobile should be considered based on the sensor.

9. Ultra wide angle lens is a standard lens for photos to take pictures of landscapes.

10. Ultra wide angle lens will assist you in landscaping photography. However, due to the field of view of the Ultra Wide Lens, the surrounding area becomes distorted by the eyes of the fish, so that many pictures can be more interesting and many pictures will not be able to take as much as a picture of a building. Do not get real view of the building by default. As the picture below shows, the corner corners of the table have become curved, due to the overwid view.

Now many people can ask that there is no ultra-wide lens on our phones. What do we do

There are many types of Ultra Wide Lenses available in the market to buy. Finding among the online shops of Bangladesh will be available.
The price of the lens can be 500-2000 rupees per company. However, these extraordinary lenses can not be told how effective the widespread lens is.
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