Last addition to the Realme series and Realme 1’s heels successor “Realme 2 Pro”.

realme 2 pro in depth review full review

But do not forget about Realme 2. Although it was a misleading step of realme. Most reviewers gave the opinion that Realme2 was the most illogical upgrade, but by just a few months, all configurations had been eliminated by Realme 2 Pro.

Realme 2 Pro Design and its internal hardware configuration thought it was just a Better version of Oppo F9?

Design & Build Quality:
This Realme 2 Pro is absolutely the body of Oppo F9. Everything is exactly the same, except the design of the fingerprint and camera ring. Similar to the metal frame and glass, the polychromatic panels or plastics were easily scratched. But this back panel is a bit sleek. Oppo / Realme has recently been specially designing many of their devices. Among them, its simple 2.5-D curved back panel will give you a little refreshment.

Although the design was favorable, some things were going on in the opposite direction. During the time of my use, I had to face a lot of problems on this one hand. Firstly it was too slippery and being too big to use on one hand was dangerous. If you put a back cover in the box, there will be no fear of falling from your hands. The weight of the device is a little too much, hope to use it will not feel problem anymore. There are 3 colors Blue Ocean, Black Sea & Ice Lake.

Realme 2 Pro is one of the most beautiful phones on this budget. Design is a personal choice, but it definitely qualifies for the top of the list.

Although they have given some problems as bonuses. For example, the position of the power button and fingerprint has become nifty, due to which there is a problem of catching two together, it is still given the prehistoric micro USB port, and no notification light was given.

realme 2 pro in depth review full review

Its screen-to-body ratio is 90.8%, which is the highest among the budget of 20 thousand takas. I did not get the amount of such a battery from a flagship phone. 6.3 inch full HD Plus (2340×1080 pixels) IPS display in front. Due to the quality, it can be called an F9 display. Color, sharpness, and viewing angle is all very good. The contrast level and pretty good, it will get Deep black color.

It’s a 19.5 9: 9 aspect ratio display. If you want all apps, you can use them for the entire area which I think is the best feature of this color OS. The media experience was also good. Together with them, this “Dew Drop” was a good experience for the over-end experience of other big blue-colored phones. This display is protected by Corning Gorilla Glass 3.

There is no scope for any complaint, except for one thing in the display section. Although it is small, its effect is quite big. Type fast on this display, most of the time there is some tap count which is so frustrating to me. Although it was a bit short on time, but not completely gone.

The 16 MP f / 1.7 IMX 398 sensor and 2 MP Depth sensor are all behind this camera. One of the best cameras in this price range. Even the big price range phone has the ability to collide with Realme 2 Pro!

Adjusted the AI ​​feature, along with the software. So there is no chance to off on. But be happy to know that I have not seen any flip diagrams by AI yet. That means everything seems to be as natural as possible. Although it appears to be a little sharpened. It’s an excellent performer in the light of day. Dynamic Range, Color Reproduction, and Sharpeners were all one-sided.

Colors were coming alive in the film. Focusing too fast. I also saw fast light working in low light. Its unstable approach to low light gives enough light in the film. Shutter speed and see Ahamari fast but it was fair fast, which is acceptable. Because of the bigger application, the suppresses will be slightly reduced. Do not worry, if the lighting conditions are a little better then you can take a lot of good light photography. Actually, I see Impressed with Its Performance Even with the 4K (40Mbps) recording in the video section and the 1080p with EIS (electronic image stabilization) option, which was good at the same time.

In the worst case, its HDR did a little strange work. Without overlight balance in the film, it reduces light on the Bright Array, which does not look good at all.

The 16 megapixels (aperture 2.0) front cameras are not realistic, the camera is a camera. Although the bow flour Suzie Kamal is not going to leave. Even though the beauty mode is off, I noticed the skin smoothing. Although this is not something to look bad on the eye, even many people seem to see it as a welcome feature.

Let’s talk about performance. How can you know the power of the Snapdragon 660? Mid-range Top Tear Chipset Aramase by handling gaming everything from Daily use. And this is my first use Oppo / Realme phone whose performance was very fluent. Another thing I noticed was that it is hot and it takes quite a long time. Pajji gamers can play some matches comfortably without any hassle. Along with its 3500 ml empires battery, there was a good backup. Can not say the correct screen on time because there is no system to view it in Color OS.

However, this phone‘s software and hardware combinations were easily used for 1 day. Full Charge with box charger did not take much time. Within 1 hour 40 to 50 minutes, the flower was being charged. Apart from this, Bluetooth 5 supports an SD card in the dedicated slot, up to 256 GB. Fingerprint and FaceLock Fingerprint is fast and erect. On the other hand, FaceLock can be fast and unlocked in low light, quickly. If you are not worried about security, you can use both together.

Realme 2 Pro, which runs on Android 8.1 based on Color OS 5.2, is a heavily customized user interface. But I saw that Ram is free. In the frame or out-of-the-box condition, I found that 2GB of RAM is available free of the 6GB variant, and after using it a few days after installing some apps, I noticed that more than half the RAM is free. As a result, no pressure was made on the overlay system. As a result, no logging issue was seen. But how long it remains to see.

Considering base models in the budget range of 20 thousand rupees, the current 2 phones are Xiaomi Mi A2 and Realme 2 Pro which is powered by Snapdragon 660. If you find the advantage, you will find Realme 2 Pro has 8GB RAM variants, more battery, a good camera, a beautiful design, and a Better screen-to-body ratio. Considering overall, a Better version of the Realme 2 Pro Oppo F9 seems to have excluded 2 items. Such as the VOOC charger and front camera. Meanwhile, this Realme 2 Pro Beta from Mi A2 is an option overall.

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