Sometimes, users find it challenging to use the platform due to bugs and glitches. Here, we have explained how to fix Instagram not working.

Instagram has been in existence for more than ten years and has since experienced further updates. Some of these updates have introduced new features, while others are fixes to glitches and bugs.

However, many users still have issues with using Instagram at one point or the other due to errors that may prevent the app from working.

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Most times, Instagram’s support team doesn’t reply to emails. Thus, it would be best if you got the issue fixed yourself. However, they have provided fixes for most problems and topics on the Help Center that you can bank on to correct the problem.

How to Fix Instagram Not Working

Below, we have explained why Instagram is not working for you and different ways to fix the error.

Why is Instagram not working?

When the Instagram app doesn’t work, its server is likely down due to some bugs. However, this only affects the mobile app and not the website. Messages including, Try again later, Couldn’t refresh the feed, and other-related errors are displayed when Instagram isn’t working.

Usually, this problem is fixed within a short period, and these error messages will disappear. You can either wait for the issues to be resolved or try another method discussed below.

How to Fix Instagram Not Working

How to fix Instagram not working

The first process is to be sure that Instagram servers are not down. If they are, you have to wait a while till the issue is resolved.  Usually, cases related to servers are restored within 24 to 48 hours.

Check if IG is down from Down Detector website
Check if Instagram is down from the DownDetector website

Alternatively, turn on flight mode, turn it off, enable your internet connection and see if Instagram connects. You can also switch from a mobile network to a Wi-Fi. The reason for this is that Instagram could temporarily block your IP address.

Switch Network or Change to Airplane mode
Switch Network or Change to Airplane mode

Ensure the date and time on your device are correct. Incorrect dates and times cause issues on the Instagram app. It is always advisable to set your date and time automatically.

Set Date and Time to Automatic
Set Date and Time to Automatic

You might want to consider updating the Instagram mobile app. Visit the appropriate app store to find out if there is an update.

If this doesn’t fix the issue, try clearing the cache for the mobile app and restarting it.

How to Fix Instagram Not Working


Error messages on Instagram are usually handled and fixed in 24 to 48 hours. The best option you have is to wait until the issue is resolved.

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