The checkpoint required error is been reported by some Instagram users. Here, we have explained how to fix checkpoints required on Instagram.


The checkpoint required error is written as checkpoint required or “checkpoint_required” or “Checkpoint Required”.

The error message reads:

To secure your account, you’re required to check your information on the official Instagram site.

And followed by:

Or you could switch to another account continue.

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There is another type of the error message which reads:

We’ve removed or disabled access to content that you posted on Instagram because a third party reported that the content infringes or otherwise violates their rights.

How to Fix Checkpoint Required on Instagram

The error message was first discovered in early 2022 and has been reported by many users of Instagram. It occurs both on the Instagram mobile app and the web version.

Below, we have explained the reason why you are getting the Checkpoint Required error message on Instagram and the best way to get it fixed.

Why does it show Checkpoint Required on Instagram?

The checkpoint required error message on Instagram is a result of a glitch, just like the case of the privacy check error. The error message which first happened in early 2022 has been reported by many Instagram users.

How to Fix Checkpoint Required on Instagram

In most cases, victims of this error message are not necessarily using or trying to access their accounts from a different location. It was also not because they carried out any repetitive actions.

If you are one of those users getting this error message without a reason clear to you, it could be that Instagram is likely down or as a result of a bug or glitch.

A site like Down Detector will help you check if Instagram is down.

How to fix Checkpoint Required on Instagram

Try simple hacks

Try simple hacks
Try simple hacks

Simply try clearing the cache, force close the Instagram app or switch your device internet from Wi-Fi to mobile data if you are connected to a MiFi, Wi-Fi router or any hotspot.

If that didn’t work, you can simply remove and re-install the Instagram app. Alternatively, you can try switching from Wi-Fi to mobile data and vice-versa.

You can also check for updates to the Instagram app on the App Store for iOS devices or the Google Play Store for Android. In fact, some users were able to fix the error just by installing an update.

Instagram may be down

Instagram may be down
Instagram may be down

If none of the previous fixes works, then it is possible that the checkpoint_required error is a result of the Instagram server being down. In such cases, you have to wait for the server to be restored.

Use the Down Detector website to monitor Instagram. You may find out that Instagram is down. Also, a search for the error message on Twitter will make you realize if the problem is not exclusive to you alone.



The checkpoint required error is one of many Instagram errors caused by bugs. Fixing such an error can be a tasking job sometimes and you just have to keep trying until you see what works.

If you use Instagram on the web, you can simply open the website in an incognito or private tab to fix the issue.

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How to Fix Checkpoint Required on Instagram

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